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the project

A “retaille”(french) is the part of material cut during the manufacture of an object: the off cuts of fabrics from the design of a garment, for example. The verb “retailler” (to resize) defines the transformation of an initial object into something new and refined. The essence of atelier retailles resides in the idea that the cut material remains useful material.

retailles is a papermaking studio welcoming artists and curious folks in a creative and inclusive environment favoring experimentation. The project brings together three main aspects: the rental of the studio space and equipment for artists working independently or assisted, the expertise of fiber transformation and custom paper manufacturing for businesses or individuals in a spirit of reducing their production waste, and the teaching of papermaking techniques through workshops and specialized courses.



the Founder

Sophie P-Voyer: Concordia University Bachelors in Fine Arts with a love of drawing and hand making paper.


Since the first sheet she pulled herself, Sophie dreamed of a papermaking studio. The infinite possibilities of the medium and the manual/physical aspect of the papermaking process immediately captivated her. She enjoys being surrounded by creative minds and sharing energy and positivism. What turns her on: the unexpected, the surprises, the accidents and the solutions, the point of friction between control and loss of control in creation, smirky smiles, the natural light that enters violently through the windows of the studio at the north-east corner of the Old Cadbury building, the challenges, the crazy projects. She and Zed, the boston-terrible, proudly form the core team of atelier retailles.